Job Board Policies

Request for References During Application Process

Solicitation of letters of recommendation should occur only after an initial screening of candidates to minimize inconvenience to applicants and referees. Names of references may be requested, however.


Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Policy

In 2018, the AAA developed a new Comprehensive Policy on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault, that requires field schools or other research experiences advertised on our website or through AAA-supported social media, draft and make available on demand a code of conduct prohibiting sexual assault and sexual harassment. Appropriate reporting mechanisms for those who do experience or witness sexual harassment or sexual assault will also be required.

All in-person interviews scheduled at a AAA Annual Meeting with candidates found through ACE or for positions listed on ACE must take place at the official ACE Interview Center.

Employment practices regarding
lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals

Effective with the May 2000 edition of the AN, placement advertisements in the AN and on the AAA website will include statements about the hiring organization’s employment practices regarding lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals. Advertisers will select the statement from each of the following sets that reflects their employment practices.

Statement 1.

  1. " This employer offers employment benefits to domestic partners of employees."
  2. "This employer does not offer employment benefits to domestic partners of employees."


Statement 2.

  1. "This employer prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation/preference and gender identity/expression.
  2. "This employer does not prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation/preference and gender identity/expression.

AAA will not be responsible for verifying accuracy of employer’s claims.

AAA will refuse to publish ads from employers that do not designate statements for inclusion with their ad.

Please note: the close date for ads to be placed in the May 2000 edition


Equal Opportunity

The Association endorses equal opportunity practices and reserves the right to refuse or to edit advertisements that are not in consonance with the principles of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Applicants and employers are urged to comply with the provisions of the Principles of Professional Responsibility (2012). Advertisers are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of their listings, although the Association reserves the right to decline to publish listings which it believes are misleading or inconsistent with principles adopted by the Association. Placement Service listings of academic openings will not include requests for references with applications, by direction of the Board of Directors. Solicitation after determining initial interest is suggested to minimize inconvenience to applicants and referees. Names of references may be requested, however. Notice of censure action taken by the American Association of University Professors and the Canadian Association of University Teachers will appear when an institution advertising a position is under censure.


Resolution on Open Employment

Be it resolved:

  1. That the American Anthropological Association urge all prospective employers of anthropologists to announce available or anticipated anthropological employment opportunities in an official publication of the Association at least 90 days before making a firm commitment or recommendation to fill such a position.
  2. That anthropological positions be deemed to include, but not restricted to, those involving college and university teaching, research and administration; research and administration in museums and laboratories in local, state and governmental agencies; and professional services in general where these require or would benefit from the application of anthropological knowledge.
  3. That positions such as teaching assistantships or research or laboratory assistantships traditionally restricted to a local student population may, but need not, be exempted from the suggested procedures, and that such positions, if filled only locally, be adequately advertised in local media such as departmental memoranda and announcements.
  4. That announcements of positions shall state the name of the employer, the nature and location of employment, prerequisites, salary range, term of contract, prospects for advancement, qualifications, any restrictions on dissemination of knowledge or information imposed on the employee, criteria which the employer shall employ to measure the qualification of applicants, whether the position is firmly or as yet only tentatively available to be filled, and such other information as may be required for a full understanding of the employment opportunity presented.
  5. That the Association operate a year-round placement service, which shall disseminate information on employment opportunities for anthropologists and assist in the matching of job requirements with the qualifications of the job seekers.
  6. That the Association may charge a reasonable fee for such services.
  7. That the operation of these services shall be reviewed at least annually by the Executive Board.

(Adopted by the Council of the AAA, June 1973)