• What are ACE web statistics?
    We are glad you asked this question and we hope that you don’t mind if we brag a bit below.
    ACE receives:
    • Up-to 1 million views per year
    • 3k pages views per job
    • 670,000 unique page views per year
    • 1,400 new job seekers per year
  • When will my job be posted?
    Job ads will post to ACE immediately upon receipt of payment with the exception of eligible complimentary job postings. Complimentary jobs require approval by the AAA. Once approve these jobs are posted no later than 3 pm ET Monday through Friday. Complimentary job ads that are submitted on the weekend, on a US holiday, and during AAA office closures will be posted on the next business day that the office is open.
  • I have an individual AAA membership (or my department has individual AAA members on staff) why do I not see the partner price?
    The discount for ACE reduced rates are a benefit of the AAA organizational (DSP | Department Services Program) partnership. ACE reduced rates are not a benefit of individual membership.
  • We paid for an AnthroGuide listing this year. Isn’t the DSP partnership included in that fee?
    No, currently the fee for AnthroGuide listings does not include a DSP partnership (view current list of DSP members).
  • We want to receive the discounted rate for DSP partners. How can we apply for partnership?
    Applying for DSP partnership is easy. Click here to join.
  • We are considering DSP partnership but what are the benefits?
    There are many exclusive benefits for DSP Partners. Click here to view all the benefits.
  • How can job seekers view my ad?
    Depending on the tier that you select, your job posting may receive wide visibility. Your post may be available to jobseekers via:
    • All job ads will be auto-posted to Facebook (83K Likes) and Twitter (43k Followers) 
    • ACE Job Board
    • Job seekers sign up to receive job alert emails about new job postings
    • Recent jobs are highlighted in our bi-weekly Weekend Reads newsletter and other AAA platforms
    • 20+ AAA online journals via AnthroSource and other anthropology journals (American Journal of Physical Anthropology, International Journal of OsteoArcheology) published by Wiley
  • How long will my ad appear on ACE? 
    Your ad will appear online for 30, 60, or 90 consecutive days starting with the day you post it. You will be notified via e-mail in advance before your ad expires to prompt you to renew the ad, if you desire.
  • I need to extend my job ad.
    If your job ad is still active, login to your account and request to extend the ad. If your ad is no longer active, please contact our Talent Solutions Team.
  • I need to add a user to my account.
    To add another user to your account, please contact our Employer Account Support team.
  • I think we have an account but I don’t know the username/password?
    To get access to an account, please contact our Employer Account Support team

  • Oh no, I made an edit to a job and it disappeared from ACE?
    No worries, once you make an edit it will take several minutes to refresh on the live job posting.  Please contact our Employer Account Support team for assistance making edits to your posting. 
  • How can I search CVs/resumes?
    ACE database has hundreds of searchable resumes. After purchasing a job posting that includes resume access, please contact our Employer Account Support team to enable your account.

  • Is there a fee to search CVs/resumes?
    It is included as a feature in job posting packages, not available to purchase at a separate cost
  • I'd like for our ad to appear in the printed Anthropology News newsletter. What is the deadline to submit?
    We no longer provide print ad options. 
  • I'd like my ad to reach diverse members/section of the AAA. How can I get my ad published on a section's website or their listserve
    To increase your job ad's visibility to a diverse pool of applicants, first post your job on the ACE job board. Once the job is live on the job board, contact the section(s) to request that they add the job to their website and to distribute via their listserve.
  • Does the AAA have any policies that my organization should know about before I post a job?
    Yes, the AAA requires all employers to adhere to several ACE Job Board Policies before posting a position including the request for references process, sexual harassment and sexual assault, discrimination, equal opportunity, and open employment.